Can papaya leaves help cure dengue?

The capital is grappling with the burden of dengue, and with the numbers steadily rising, people are looking for alternative methods to treat the disease. One such, much talked about remedy is the use of papaya leaf juice to heal the body ravaged by dengue. While some people claim that it is simply a belief, others swear by the remedy. So, what is the truth? In this post we demystify the clutter.

Truth or hoax?

While some people say that it is simply a hoax, there might be some truth to papaya leaf juice’s claim to fame after all. A number of scientific papers have proved that papaya leaf juice is actually beneficial for the body. One of the first papers to talk about the benefits of the papaya leaf juice was studied by Dr Nam Dang at the University of Florida, research center. He found that the papaya leaf juice was capable of fighting cancer, was non toxic to the body and had the capability to improve one’s immunity. While the plant’s leaf is well known for its curative properties in diseases like malaria and cancer, Dr Sanath Hettige, a general physician in Sri Lanka, found that the juice of young leaves can be used to treat dengue. His paper was published in the Sri Lankan Journal of Family Physicians in 2008.
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