Scientific Research Reveals That Salt Is Vital To Weight Loss

St. Louis, Missouri 

When it comes to eating healthy, a great deal of information has been disseminated to the public over the past few decades. Certain foods such as eggs have been touted as wonder foods, then castigated as being high in cholesterol and then received a reprieve and once again are in favor. 

Among all of the fruits, vegetables, supplements, meats and more there has been one food, or more accurately, food additive, that’s steadily been shunned by the so-called “health and fitness” community. That ingredient is salt. 

“I used to believe that salt was the devil too,” States Kyle Cooper, former marine and personal trainer, “Until I ran into a Korean medical student in Afghanistan. The knowledge and research he showed me totally turned my world on its ear and opened up a whole new way of looking at health, fitness and weight loss for me.” 

Many diets and fitness programs state that you should limit or even cut out your salt intake. It turns out, however, that not only is salt critical to every one of your body’s biological functions, it’s also vital to your digestion. 

Salt is used by your body to balance the PH levels in your stomach acid. By keeping these levels at peak performance, your stomach is able to break down food more efficiently. When your stomach does its job correctly, it allows more nutrients to be absorbed by the lower digestive tract. 

“This bit of ancient Asian wisdom was clearly backed by hard science,” Cooper continues, “and I tried it out for myself. When I re-introduced salt into the diets of the men and women I was training overseas, the results were amazing. Of course, there’s more to my training program than salt… yet this simple change alone had a dramatic effect on their energy levels as well as their ability to drop pounds faster.” 

A former marine Gunnery Sergeant, Kyle Cooper was responsible for training men and women for over a decade. When he teamed up with Korean medical student and now Doctor Sam Pak, Kyle was introduced to a revolutionary way of helping others lose weight, improve their health and their fitness as well. He created a program called the Fat Decimator which has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world to achieve the results that no other program has been able to deliver. 

“It’s my mission,” Kyle says, “It’s not about making big bucks – that’s what the rest of the weight loss industry does. I simply show people a simple and clinically proven way to lose weight that works with their body’s natural biological processes… and the results have been astonishing.” Click here to learn more about Kyle’s journey and his program.